Amaya Shadow - Belly Dancer

Contemporary Belly Dancer

Gorgeous belly dancer will captivate audiences with her exotic and stunning routines
Graceful and talented contemporary belly dancer makes an alluring sight as a solo performer or as part of an ensemble
Stunning contemporary dance routine combines modern dance styles with hip hop and tribal influences for a stunning and unique performance
Fantastic female dancer perfect for stage shows, corporate events and festivals
Dance act based in Ukraine and available worldwide

Contemporary Belly Dancer VIDEOS

Contemporary Belly Dancer PHOTOS

Book our fantastic contemporary belly dancer for an alluring and exciting dance routine from one of the most talented and visionary dancers in the business. Our incredible belly dancer will captivate audiences with her silky smooth dance moves and stunning dance routines that combine a whole range of beautiful dance styles. Our contemporary dancer creates darkly alluring routines that blend belly dancing with edgy contemporary choreography and innovative hip hop and tribal influences to create a unique and mesmerising performance.

Our fabulous female dancer has dazzled audiences all over the world and won numerous accolades for her ground breaking dance work that’s sure to impress any audience. Book our magnificent dance act for a sensual and stunning performance that will add a touch of exotic drama and intrigue to any event.

Our contemporary belly dancer is perfect for spicing up events with her smoothly seductive dance act that’s perfect for stage shows, corporate events, parties, galas and festivals around the world. Our belly dancer creates unique shows with a powerful, haunting aesthetic and her striking costumes and dazzling dance moves will hold any audience spellbound.

Our contemporary dance expert is an acclaimed performer and teacher of modern, hip-hop, jazz and even ballet dancing and all these varied influences can be seen in her thrillingly original dance act. Able to perform up to five performances lasting between 30 and 60 minutes this female dancer is the perfect choice of entertainment for captivating audiences at events all around the globe and can perform solo or as part of an ensemble of performers for a truly exciting spectacle.

Scarlett Entertainment features a fantastic range of belly dancers and dance acts in a huge range of styles for performances around the world.

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