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Customisable Dubai Dance Crew

Very versatile and highly customisable collective of professional dancers
Specialise in varied styles including Hip Hop, breakdance, mainstream, urban and street
Previous themes have been Avengers, LED, Halloween, mirror men and Oriental fusion ninjas
Booked for awards ceremonies, products launches, stage shows and live concerts
Based in Dubai, the dancers are available for events all over the world

Customisable Dubai Dance Crew VIDEOS

Customisable Dubai Dance Crew PHOTOS

Our Customisable Dubai Dance Crew is one of the most flexible groups of street dancers in the Middle East, in terms of tailoring themselves to a specified theme or special occasion. The themed dancers Can and have easily adapted their appearance and routines multiple times for a variety of events, 

Themed dancers to suit your event

These themeable dancers have worn some pretty interesting costumes in their time and devised special routines to match the theme and costumes. The professional dancers know how to put on a show regardless of what costume they are in. Previous events have seen the themed dancers dressed as the Avengers, zombies, mirror men, Oriental fusion, in LED costumes and more. If you have a concept and need themed dancers and specific routines, we can coordinate these guys for you.   

Professional dancers with industry experience

Our Customisable Dubai Dance Crew has experience throughout the Middle East, Europe and USA. They are made up of a team of individuals that perform confidently in many styles including Hip Hop, breakdance, mainstream, body popping, urban, street and acrobatic. All of the themeable dancers have been performing for more than 15 years. They have been used by internationally known artists and danced in music videos, TV commercials, live concerts, award ceremonies, stage shows, product launches, expos and more. 

Speak to us about themed dancers for your event

We fully understand that you can't always find entertainment in the theme of your event. This is why we're here to help and these excellent themeable dancers can work with your ideas. Speak to us whilst planning your event if you would like to book our Customisable Dubai Dance Crew.