Vandal Art - Cyr Wheel and Cube

Cyr Wheel and Cube Poland

Two amazing acrobats with superb skills with the cube and cyr wheel
Versatile circus entertainment suitable for any event or occasion
Have appeared on the Polish Got Talent TV show
Offer two different visually impressive and customisable acts
Based in Poland and available for events all over the world

Cyr Wheel and Cube Poland VIDEOS

Cyr Wheel and Cube Poland PHOTOS

This pair of acrobats from Poland offers two types of circus entertainment that they have carefully crafted and choreographed to amaze audiences the world over. The high energy acts come in the shape of a cube juggler and cyr wheel performer and can be booked individually or as a double display of awesome skill.

The acrobats come from a diverse background of circus entertainment and have gained plenty of experience in the field backed by professional training. Their dedication in mastering their individual skills is immediately apparent in their performances. Take a look at the video of the cyr wheel performer to see the high calibre of his skills and how his act is completely fascinating to watch. 

Much like the cyr wheel performer, the cube juggler delivers a performance that demonstrates incredible skill and agility. What he is able to achieve with the cube involves very precise coordination and superb body strength. To add to the impact of the show, the juggler can use a neon cube that becomes a visual treat when in the right lighting conditions. 

Our acrobats offer two types of circus entertainment that can be easily adapted, customised and first into a variety of themes or event types. The acrobats regularly performer in a variety of locations and their only requirements are a space big enough for their show. Cyr Wheel and Cube Poland is available for everything from weddings, private parties and shopping malls to corporate events and brand launches.

Top Tip:
This duo also performs as a hand to hand acrobat act.

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