City Dancers

Dance Group Austria

All singing, all dancing shows that will delight audiences of all ages
Extravagant costumes & accessories & stunning choreography
Offer a huge range of themed shows & bespoke performances
Ideal for corporate events, family shows, after dinner shows & more
Based in Austria & available for events worldwide

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Looking for WOW factor entertainment that the whole family can enjoy? This incredibly versatile dance group offer a huge range of themed shows and musicals that will entertain and delight audiences of all ages.

Their productions are all professionally choreographed and feature a massive array of beautifully detailed costumes, accessories and props. Diverse and extensive, their dance repertoire features Jazz, Ballet, Modern Dance, and Hip Hop.

If you’re looking for something more individualistic then they can create bespoke shows specifically tailored to meet your exact needs: featuring a product or a message, performed on stage in front of a screen, or working to a specific theme.

As well as offering numerous stage shows and musicals such as ‘Cats’ and ‘Grease’, the performers can also appear as living statues at any event, wandering in amongst the crowds of on an elevated platform or base.

Around the World
This shows takes audiences on a once in a lifetime trip around the world, visiting Brazil, Africa, America, China.

Time Travel
A journey through time and the culture of dance with a 100 years in pictures and 80 fabulous costumes.

Bond Girls
Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Golden Eye and more in this Bond extravaganza.

Blue Fever
A street dance down broadway!

Gala & Revue
Dance away to the Cha Cha, Tango and Waltz with this extravagant show complete with tails and feathers and glitz and glamour.

Get in the festive mood with this all signing, all dancing show bringing all the joy of Christmas straight to your event.