Gypsy Dance - Romany dance and music

Dancing Gypsy Troupe

The unique and unforgettable Gypsy dancers and musicians are fiery, beautiful and bright, intriguing and bursting with energy
A diverse group for any celebration such as weddings, private parties, gala evenings, corporate events, exhibitions and company openings
Speciality in performing authentic gypsy music perfect for weddings and parties
Bohemian dancers, fiery gypsy dancing and luxurious costumes will be the best and the most memorable highlight at your event
With unique performances using shawls and tambourines, the musicians are also available on request for violin, accordion and guitar

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Dancing Gypsy Troupe PHOTOS

" The music, singing and dancing all added to the festive atmosphere of our celebration. Besides the high level of professionalism and skill, the members of the troupe showed genuine enthusiasm for their craft. On every level, we were very pleased with our choice in having selected them to help us mark the 50th Birthday Party "

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