Vintage Bus Bar - The Deluxe Bus Bars

Deluxe Bus Bar UK

Impress your guests with a six wheeler open top Deluxe Bus Bar!
Our impressive pop-up bar has an open top and four serving hatches, delivering a focal point for your themed event
The perfect vintage bus for corporate occasions, VIP parties, brand reveals and exclusive launches
A striking vintage bus bar will provide unique mobile event catering for an unforgettable event
Lovingly converted into the largest bus bar operations, offering the ideal solution for your customised entertainment in the UK.

Deluxe Bus Bar UK PHOTOS

Our Deluxe Bus Bar provides the perfect visual backdrop for a themed event to remember. A fabulous pop up bar that delivers the ideal mobile event catering solution for your customised entertainment in the UK. 

Wow your crowd with our extra long six wheeler open top Deluxe Bus Bar. A truly unique pop up bar, custom designed to provide your party the ideal event catering solution for your special occasion. 

Our vintage bus, once a sightseeing bus, has been lovingly restored  into the largest bus bar operations in the UK. Our impressive pop up bar has an open top, four serving hatches at both the front and the rear, delivering a focal point for your themed event. With 48 beer taps, your guests will be sure to be kept suitable refreshed. 

A truly striking vintage bus bar that has a large viewing platform, high quality sound systems and mood lighting for an unforgettable event. 

Add an element of style and a little retro flavour to your celebrations with a Deluxe Bus Bar, presenting the ideal solution for your customised entertainment in the UK.

Practical Tips 

  • The Deluxe Bars come with an open top, (catering for VIPs, general public and celebrities) they have a large viewing platform
  • High quality entertainment systems featuring TVs, advertising monitors, stereo and mood/disco lighting
  • Large service output from 48 beer taps with 5 remote coolers for extra scope, optics for spirits, fridges for cool beverages and champagnes
  • Kegs are stored outside or in one of their refrigerated support vehicles for larger events
  • External power is required from a generator (supplier on request)
  • Installation and set up of bus provided
  • Buses are self-sufficient with a generator, staff, stock, refrigerated van or trailer for larger events, licensing and other equipment to take care of your exclusive event 


  • Serve a draft lager bitter and Guiness and usually Carlsberg products, (unless requested otherwise) 
  • Full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products including alco-pops, wines, champagne, Pimms and soft drinks
  • Operate a no glass policy, all bottles and glasses are plastic
  • Clients can request particular products and real ales are available
  • Buses are completely roadworthy, but do NOT travel with passengers on board, guests served once stationary
  • Size: 14 metres long, just over 4 metres wide and height of 14 feet

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