Red Sarah - Drag King

Drag King Performer

Fantastic professional drag king will steal the show at your event
One of the UK’s greatest and most amusing male impersonators
Will delight your audiences with her zany character routines
Ideal for festivals, parties, themed events, & more
Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our sensational drag king is sure to be the highlight of your event as she wows audiences with her incredible routines and hilarious male personas, delivering spectacular entertainment that will amuse and delight your guests and leave them with lasting memories.

A professional drag and burlesque performer, this talented artist will put on  a fantastic show as one of her larger-than-life characters, guaranteeing an unforgettable performance. 

As a tweed-clad Lothario, our drag king performs a comedic striptease, taking off his various beige layers in a burlesque style performance. However, when he realises he’s not getting quite the response he expected, he goes to town with a carving knife and bicycle pump, transforming into a curvaceous fire-tassel-twirling woman!

In her Macho Man routine, a Victorian strongman demonstrates his muscles with an array of heavy lifting, lunging, globe spinning and many more acrobatic feats, in a hilarious display of strength and machismo.

Highly original and captivating entertainment, our drag king is bound to be a hit with your guests. Ideal for festivals, parties, themed events, gala dinners and more, enquire today about bringing our outstanding drag king to your occasion.