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Dutch Pancakes

Instead of crêpes or candy floss carts, why not try Dutch Pancakes? A scrumptious sweet straight from the Netherlands!
Poffertjes, or Mini Pancakes, are traditional dutch treats with tasty toppings, such as Nutella and syrup, for a modern twist
With a cool custom-built food truck, quirky cargo bike or Christmas chalet, Dutch Pancakes can be dished out at your event in style
Rave reviews courtesy of former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Peter Balkenende and sports sensation, Rafael van der Vaart
Dutch Pancakes tour internationally to satisfy sweet tooths, past prestigious events include the EXPO 2015, Milan and Global Village, Dubai

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" When we work trade fairs in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, they provide us with more than catering alone. Fresh waffles, mini pancakes, sandwiches and cookies and of course excellent coffee, it’s all possible. We hugely appreciate their practical, no-nonsense approach and refreshing influence. "

Roland Hoogerbrugge, Gemalto