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Evolution Dance Theater - ELECTRICITY


Highly original, unique and compelling and intellectual performance
Vibrant and dramatic choreography representing strength and energy
A show that transmits a contagious positivity across the whole audience
Expressive dance is combined with technology, colour and sound
Based in Rome and available to perform at events worldwide

Electricity VIDEOS

Electricity PHOTOS

The company, directed by American choreographer and designer Anthony, is a combination of physical theatre, dance, video, and technological innovation and invention. In addition to successful theatrical touring at the highest level, both nationally and internationally, the company also offers highly impactful and creative performances, with a focus on brand-enhancement through live special effects.

With over 25 years of professional theatrical experience, the team produces highly original and unique performances using luminescent screens, giant inflatable acrobatic structures, shadow work, and fluorescent blacklight effects to create and inspire. If you are looking for something different to impress your guests, you are looking for this!

The sensorial journey of “Electricity” is transformed into a more concrete reality of an Electric City, enclosing an evocative strength and energy in movement. The brand new and vibrant choreography, turned on in the colours and imaginative tones, represent a large electrical panel in which the different "energies" give life to surprising and unexpected sensations.

Individual scenes lead the audience into this technological world, in full agreement with what is the harmony of the human body. A dive among the future and the past, between new and old, a present that processes what has been and what is outlined as his "ideal future". A dreamy atmosphere in which is revisited the concept of truth and astonishment in perceiving the existence of other ways of seeing.

As usual, choreographer Anthony has not searched a dramatic course, secure of the idea that art and creativity can be a wonderful path of research that does not always need a real goal. The only purpose is the pleasure to walk another journey with the intent to transmit a contagious positivity that can approach any audience to dance, with intellectual honesty and charm of the body language.

Always in search of an expressive and eclectic freedom, combining the plurality of research related to technology, dance, sound and colour, “Electricity” assures:

Imagination and Creativity in an Explosion of Pure Energy