Scarlet Butterfly - Elemental Fire Show

Elemental Fire Act

Impressive and exciting fire-breathing show
Dazzling costume will leave audiences speechless
Guests will be on the edge of their seats watching the fire-eating act
Can perform in any situation, both in and out of doors
Innovative addition to parties and corporate events

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‘Explosive’ is the most apt word to describe our Elemental Fire Act as she tells a story of heat and cold using fire-eating and amazing costumes. Offering a visual spectacle that is both unusual and breathtaking, this accomplished fire artist uses dance to send her show up in flames!

Able to perform in any space, indoor and out, this exciting act is a novel way of bringing fun and colour to an event. Whether you want to have a bright central show for your party or you’re collecting a series of impressive side acts to keep delegates entertained at a corporate event, our fire breather will achieve your aims. 

The performer has a wealth of experience with aerial, pole and fire-eating acts, each boasting more and more extravagant costumes. Check out our Absinthe Sprite Aerial Show for something complementary to the Elemental Fire Show and consider booking a number of acts to really wow your guests. This performer takes novel modes of performance and injects them with daring, storytelling and a mature edge that make her acts a must for fun-loving event goers at virtually any event.

The Elemental Fire Show is a standalone performance, however the character portrayed is also able to walkabout your party and do less choreographed fire-eating. As one of a number of walkabout performers, this could be a fascinating way to engage those hard-to-reach delegates or just give your guests that little something extra. 

The Elemental Fire Show offers a chance to think outside the box when booking party entertainment and is a sure fire way to get your guests talking.

To book this or another of her many acts, contact one of our dedicated Entertainment Specialists today. In the meantime, browse her testimonials and client lists to see why everyone’s talking about her. 

" Her performances are elegant, skilful, and very entertaining. She shows amazing skills and strength on the pole and manages to combine burlesque and pole effortlessly. She has a flare all of her own, combining different styles to create a unique look. She performs with stunning, whimsical costumes that captivate her audience and whisk them away to a fairy tale land of enchantment. Both on and off stage she conducts herself in an extremely professional manner and she is an absolute pleasure to work with "

Raven Noir, Burlesque Noir

" This performer’s style shows a perfect combination of beautiful and poetic performance yet you can feel the strength and the power behind the delicate acts she performs. She is the living proof that you can be both ultra-feminine and powerful at the same time. Moreover, she is one of the most reliable and professional artists that I have ever worked with as promoter of the Wunderkabarett "

Daisy Deparys, Wunderkabarett, Paris

" A mixture of enchanted and fairytale inspired performances are a joy to watch and loved by the audience. A very professional performer to work with. "

Tobi James, Miss Tobi James Presents…

" Showstopping! Just the most beautiful and talented performer, and a dream to work with! "

April Lindsay, Platinum and Pink Cabaret


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