Klaus Zauberer

Fire Dancers Austria

Daring fire act provides gripping fire eating show performed highly trained flame dancers
A fire dance show that is bursting with drama, danger and entertainment
Our flame dancers showcase, fire breathing, fire eating and a fire hula hoop to rousing Latin music
Fire dancers WOW audiences worldwide and provide quality entertainment for all ages
Based in Austria and available for worldwide bookings

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Our highly trained flame dancers provide the ultimate fire act bursting with drama, danger and breath taking routines! This fire dance show showcases fire breathing, fire eating and a fire hula hoop performance from our outstanding fire dancers, this truly is a fire eating show not to be missed.

Our flame dancers have several years of experience and always use state of the art equipment for the best security, ensuring that their performances are safe yet equally as daring. Our fire act WOWs audiences with how fast they can manipulate the fire to create a truly beautiful performance. 

With impressive variations of fire breathing, fire eating and a fire hula hoop that whirls around the air leaving traces of light where it once was, audiences are always left amazed and wanting more from our amazing fire dancers.

A fire dance show that is accompanied to Latin music is perfect for corporate entertainment, theme parks, private parties and any event that wants their entertainment to take their party to the next level. Our Fire dance shows and fire eating shows are a great way to build tension, engage with audiences and to add a new dimension to any event or occasion. Our fire act is guaranteed to capture your audiences and guests attention and hold it until the final flame has been blown out, a fast paced, dymanic performance that is breath taking to watch. 

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