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Fire Performers Toronto

Turn up the heat at your next event with these fire performers
Demonstrate fire spinning, poi, juggling, fire fans, fire eating and more
Ensure to captivate and enthral audiences at a broad range of events!
Can provide romantically choreographed sets or high energy evocative shows
Based in Toronto and available to perform at events worldwide

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Lighting up events with dazzling fire performances, Fire Performers Toronto will turn sparks into magic before your audience’s eyes!

Providing breathtaking, mesmerising and truly unforgettable shows, the Fire Performers can offer clients a range of acts including solo performances or various duet options. Demonstrating a unique, choreographed 10 min solo fire performance, each performer will demonstrate their extraordinary choreographed piece that can be performed at your event.

Including fire spinning, poi, fire hoops, juggling, fire fans, fire eating, fire breathing and more, the daring performers also offer a spectacular 20 minute option which features all performers and showcases their very best fire skills.

Captivating and enthralling at a broad range of events, they will tailor each show to perfectly suit your event. Whether you require a beautifully choreographed romantic duet or a high energy and evocative performance; these talented circus performers can provide it all!

With a passion for entertaining people, Fire Performers Toronto will delight and raise the heat at your next event with their simply unforgettable performances. Contact us today to find out more!