Natalia Leontieva - German Wheel

German Wheel Circus Act

Incredible German Wheel Artist to wow guest with exhilarating circus entertainment
Fascinating high energy acrobatic show from a professionally trained circus performer
Visually exciting German wheel act with contemporary soundtrack
Incredible entertainment for special events, dinner parties, festivals or corporate functions
Based in Germany and available all over the world

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At Scarlett Entertainment we're proud to have a vast selection of live circus entertainment with an excellent range of amazing acts to chose from. This fascinating high energy acrobatic show from a professionally trained circus performer is guaranteed to impress your audience. Our Incredible Russian born, German wheel artist is ready to take your event entertainment to the next level. She presents and highly skilled and visually exciting German wheel act with contemporary tango soundtrack.

This sensational experience is an exciting feast for the eyes that is glamorous and showcases incredibe talent. Elegantly and effortlessly, this German wheel artist demonstrates her skill, strength and agility as she performs perfectly choreographed tricks in and out of the German wheel. She will most certainly impress the audience with her stunningly passionate and intricate German wheel act.

The stunning multi-talented circus performer has many years experience in the field, having first started her circus act over 20 years ago. She has been professionally trained to a very high standard at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts with and first began performing at the Old Moscow Circus. Years of performance has resulted the act to be refined to it’s finest possible quality making it a sensational experience for the spectator.

She has performed at shows all over the world including Russia, Canada, Holland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria and France. She has worked for many high end circuses like Roncalli, and the Cirque D'Hiver Bouglione.

Our German wheel artist will make for a wonderful addition to your upcoming special event, dinner party, festival or corporate function and leave your guests with an unforgettable experience.

To book this wonderful circus entertainment, simply get in touch with our team.