Hand to Hand

Hand Balancing Acrobatic Act

Lively hand balancing act uses circus skills and instruments to provide fun entertainment
Unique acrobatic show can incorporate trampoline, juggling, live music and bespoke costumes
Talented balancing artists can be hired from a duo to a whole group of performers
Previous clients include Atlas Festival, Cirque Plus and International Kleinkunstfestival
Based in Belgium and available to perform at events worldwide

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Amalgamating animated circus performances with live music, Scarlett Entertainment's Hand Balancing Acrobatic Act from Belgium will bring sunshine and fun to your special occasion.

The talented balancing performers can create bespoke shows to suit your specific event, incorporating a range of floor circus skills, acrobatic trampoline performances, juggling and music played on a range of handmade instruments. 

Whether you are looking for a duo or a whole troupe of professional circus artists, this acrobatic show can be tailored to your event or venue. Perfect for festivals, theatres, corporate functions and themed parties, our hand balancing act can perform both indoors and outdoors. Having been hired to entertain at numerous high profile events including Atlas Festival, Cirque Plus and International Kleinkunst festival, audiences love the acrobatic act's unique combination of visual spectacle and musical theatrics! Speak to our event experts at Scarlett Entertainment today to find out more about hiring these balancing artists for your event.

Top Tip!
Also offering instrument making workshops or solely musical performances, this truly versatile act can be hired to share a range of skills at your festival or corporate function.

If you wish to find out more and discuss all of the best available options for you, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our colleagues who will be happy to assist you with the choice that suits you.

  • International Kleinkunstfestival
  • Atlas Festival
  • Cirque Plus
  • Kulturvolksfest
  • Theatre In’t Zadel