J & J Hip Hop Dance Company

Hip-Hop Street Dance Group

Inspiring, motivating & interactive, this extraordinary dance company will uplift audiences of any age
Featuring 22 young performers, this awesome hip hop crew perform original choreography
The street dance shows include high-octane soundtracks, eye-catching outfits and professional lighting
Previous performances include Radio Revolution Showcase, Sky Sox Baseball Matches & Fox21
Based in Colorado & available to perform at events worldwide

Hip-Hop Street Dance Group VIDEOS

Hip-Hop Street Dance Group PHOTOS

Creating their own dynamic and eye-catching choreography, this Colorado based hip hop dance crew have won the hearts of audiences all over the US. Beginning as a community dance group aiming to offer kids an opportunity to learn new skills and stay off the streets, this amazing urban dance company have reached for the stars and achieved amazing international success.

Expertly performing a range of dance styles including hip hop, mime, krump, step, break dance, tutting, tricks, waving and gliding, Scarlett Entertainment USA's expert team of trained dance artists have been rigorously auditioned to ensure that they are truly the best in the business. 

Tutored by world renowned choreographers, the 22 amazing dance performers in our Hip-Hop Street Dance Group will work to ensure that your festival, sports match, half time entertainment, theatre show or corporate event is as awe inspiring as it can be. A versatile performance group, these street dancers can be hired in any lineup, from a duo to a full ensemble and our dancers can create new routines to meet your specific event theme or brief. 

Having entertained at high profile events including Sky Sox Baseball Matches and Fox21 News "Friday Dance" Morning Show, this team of polished young hip hop dancers promise to make audience's jaws drop. Contact our event experts at Scarlett Entertainment USA today to find out more.

Top Tip!
If you are looking for an interactive entertainment experience for your event, why not hire some of our professional dance tutors to teach your guests some street dance or break dance moves?

  • 2009 F.U.S.E. Youth Unity Rally
  • 2010 Community Car Show & Music Showcase
  • 2010 F.U.S.E. Youth Unity Rally
  • 2011 Knob Hill Community Concert
  • 2011 The Throne Room Youth Conference
  • 2012 Colorado Dance Alliance Featured Dancers
  • 2012 Restoration Explosion Feat. Brinson
  • 2012 Denver Community Back To School Bash
  • 2013 Dave Solon Kia Hamstars 2013 Colorado Tour
  • 2013 Fox21 News "Friday Dance" Morning Show
  • 2013 Africs's Girls Children Fundraiser
  • 2013 Treasures Out of Darkness Youth Conference
  • 2014 Air Force Academy NBHM Fundraiser Event
  • 2014 Rap Music Recording Artist MVP Music Video
  • 2014 Wedding Flash Mob
  • 2015 NHIC Corporate Conference
  • 2015 Colo Sprgs Kidney Walk Foundation
  • 2011 2013 2014 - Esanola NM Community Outreach
  • Various Community Outreaches & Events
  • 2007 Restoration Explosion Feat. Trip Lee
  • 2010 Heaven Festival - 50000+ Attendees
  • 2010 Colorado Springs Dance Showcase
  • 2011 The Dale House Outreach - CMicah & SOCOM
  • 2011 Shove Chapel Music and Dance Showcase
  • 2011 Back To School Bash Community Concert
  • 2011 Moriarty NM Community Concert
  • 2012 Colorado Dance Classic Featured Dancers
  • 2012 Brighton CO Community Outreach
  • 2012 North Middle School Performance
  • 2013 Colorado Dance Alliance Featured Dancers
  • 2013 Sky Sox Baseball Game Entertainment
  • 2013 Dave Solon Kia Hamstars Music Video
  • 2013 SOCO CW Commercials World Arena
  • 2014 Fall In Break Out Dance Showcase
  • 2014 NGB Event Featured Dancers - Mr. Del Concert
  • 2014 Woman’s Pro Soccar League Halftime Show
  • 2014 The Tea Corporate Fundraiser
  • 2015 Radio Revolution Dance Showcase
  • 2012 2013 2014 - Lamar CO Community Outreach
  • Various Church Events & Concerts
  • 2008 Restoration Explosion Feat. Von Won

" Love this group!! Instructors are amazing, the music great, and the message the best!! Keep up the fantastic work! "

Gayla Limiac ***** (5 Stars)

" This crew has already touched so many hearts in countless communities, it is their purpose and passion. You can see it on them every single time. They are shinning stars for a purpose beyond measure "

Joseph R. Cantu