Jessica Doolin

Hula Hoop Act Dublin

Sensational hula hooper provides a variety of electrifying routines.
Beautiful circus performer displays a special skill set to captivate guests.
Outstanding hula hoop act featuring customisable components.
Ideal hula hoop performer for drink receptions, gala dinners, private parties, etc.
Stunning multi hoops performer available for booking throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Book our magnificent hula hooper if you are searching for a hula hoop act and circus themed entertainment experience that will truly make a different at your upcoming special event. Our excellent and unique hula hoop act features our talented and graceful hula hoop performer delivering a variety of electrifying routines that will leave your guests breathless and talking for weeks. A performance with unlimited possibilities as our circus performer performers with multi hoops, creating extraordinary illusions and polished tricks that are both filled with grace and agility.

A wonderful and dazzling hula hoop act showcasing our skilled multi hoops entertainer and circus performer, a magical and stunning live performance that will quickly become an instant success among your guests. Combining modern hoop dance and impressive circus style hooping, our hula hoop performer will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences. Impress your audience members with our hula hooper, a trained and skilled circus entertainer that will not disappoint. Dazzle your guests with the blurred lines nature of our amazing hula hoop act and experience.

Our phenomenal hula hooper can also adapt her electric live performance to compliment an assortment of event themes and style guidelines, offering a range of customisable options that will help transform your event into a must attend experience! Delivering an epic and memorable hula hoop act, our remarkable hula hoop performer will keep your special occasion light hearted and filled with magical desires. A fun and exciting experience to share with any number of guests. The perfect hula hoop act for private parties, corporate functions, drink receptions, gala dinners, theatre performances, themed occasions, and much more.

If you are interested in hiring our skilled hula hooper and hula hoop act for your upcoming special event, contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to assist you with your booking needs.