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Denis Ignatov - Inferno


A fire art extraordinaire, a daring game with fire
Fire poi, fire ropes & two fire whips, all being spun, twirled & cracked
Breathtaking show filled with flames and plenty of daring
Creates a unique visual spectacle & a lasting impression for guests
Based in Las Vegas & available to perform at events worldwide

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Inferno is a one-of-a-kind performance with flaming and cracking fire whips and spinning fire ropes and fire poi. 

From the ancient times humans were fascinated by fire and were always attracted to it.  Now as before fire posses some kind of hypnotic power over us. Watching magical dance of flames can keep us busy for hours.

This original act incorporates three dynamic routines, each with different objects that are set on fire – fire poi, fire ropes and two fire whips, all being spun, twirled and cracked.