Trío Pasión

Latin Trio Malaga

A musical trio featuring some of the greatest virtuosic talents of Spain
Led by acclaimed female vocalist who has spent her life singing
Featuring a fusion of styles such as the tango, flamenco and more
Perform music that is textured with the sounds of Latin America
Based in Malaga and available to perform at events worldwide

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This spectacular Latin trio, based in Malaga, are the fire of flamenco, the beauty of the bolero, the seduction of the tango, and so much more!

The trio features some of the greatest talents of Spain and is led by acclaimed female vocalist Nancy who brings you a professional act with a fusion of styles. Nancy has roots in both Spain and Canada where her musical influences are woven with the mystique of Moorish history and Mediterranean breezes.

A musical gypsy, Nancy has spent her life singing her way around the world in search of musical encounters. She's performed with composer Toño Robira in Panama, shared the stage with pianist Bob Albanese in New York, and spent a month as featured vocalist in the Palace of the Sultan of Brunei.

The trio’s music is textured with the bustle of the plazas and small cafes of Latin America, the solitude of the Moroccan Sahara Desert, and the flamenco seeping out from patios in the labyrinth of Andalusian streets.

An excellent choice of entertainment for those looking to entertain their guests with an evening of charasmatic, fiery and simply unforgettable Latin inspired music. 

  • Dexter Jazzhus Odense Denmark
  • Sultan of Brunei (Nancy Ruth) Brunei
  • Guest Entertainers for various cruise lines including; Holland America Seabourn & Norwegian
  • Xoow Magazine feature Barcelona Spain
  • And Many More
  • Industrian Theatre Denmark

" I can't think of a better show that brings together the worlds of Spain and Latin America... absolutely fantastic. "

Cruise Director, Norwegian Epic

" Guests who love classic, Spanish guitar love this show. "

Cruise Director, HAL Rotterdam

" Outstanding... incredible... fantastic... 100% authentic with flamenco and bolero and many other Spanish delicacies. "

Vordingborg Theatre, Denmark

" An animated performer, she not only vocalises the Latin culture, she escorts it in with her eyes and a reactive demeanor, to the audience. Worldwide she introduces with success, the romantic luxury of Latino Jazz. "

Karl Stober, Ejazznews

" She commands the attention of the audience with a well-polished stage manner and palpable charismatic charms. "

Joseph Blake, Victoria Times-Colonist

" Her music is electrifying, wild, elusive, powerful and quite beautiful! "

Blu Mankuma, BC Hall of Fame recipient

" Intense musical passion... an unforgettable evening of fiery Latin inspired music from this incredible performer. "



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