Lisa Ellipse

LED & Fire Hula Hoop Act

Amazing hula hoop dancer will captivate audiences with her graceful and colourful routines
Brilliant fire and LED act uses a range of hoops and props to create a fun and engaging show
LED hula hoop dance using up to six hoops at a time to create a hypnotic and radiant display
Dramatic and sizzling fire hula hoop and fire poi spinning act will turn up the heat at any event
Brilliant hula hoop act based in London and available worldwide

LED & Fire Hula Hoop Act VIDEOS

LED & Fire Hula Hoop Act PHOTOS

Book our amazing hula hoop dancer to amaze your guests with her colourful and mesmerising routines. Our hula hoop act offers a fantastic range of performances including stunning multi hoop displays as well as breath taking fire and LED shows to add something really special to your event. This fire and LED act is top quality entertainment that’s sure to be a hit with any audience, and our talented performer knows how to put a unique spin on the traditional circus act and deliver a fresh and engaging performance. Our LED hula hoop act adds a blast of colour and sparkle to any event and the great range of LED settings available offers you a great range of style and theme options. Our fire hula hoop show is a more intense, dramatic act for adding a spark of energy and passion to your night.

This super talented hula hoop dancer has dazzled audiences all over the world with her dynamic, stylish hoop acts. Her extraordinary talents make for an exciting and engaging performance as she nimbly spins the hoops around her body and arms in a hypnotic mix of movement and beautiful colours. Performing with up to six hoops at a time this hula hoop act is a powerful visual spectacle that’s perfect for parties, circuses, stage shows and corporate events of all kinds. Our hula hoop dancer can perform either as a great stage show or as a mobile walkabout performance to bring her dazzling skills to every corner of your event.

Our fire and LED act offers a great range of options. Her LED hula hoops can be customised with any sequence of colours and lights to create a radiant bespoke performance any audience will love. Our fire hula hoop act turns up the heat at any event and her range of fire props including fire palms, poi and hula hoops are perfect for dark indoor or evening outdoor events. 

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