N2ice Cream Lab

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Kiosk

Unique event catering service will provide ice cream for all to enjoy
Food themed entertainment where guests can choose flavours & toppings
Customised ice cream created with liquid nitrogen & fresh ingredients
Ideal for weddings, parties, corporate functions, festivals, & more
Based in Cape Town and available for events worldwide

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Prepare to get hooked on the sweet taste of delicious, freshly made ice cream at your special occasion with our incredible liquid nitrogen event catering service, a fantastic - and fascinating - concept which allows you to create custom ice cream flavours in just 60 seconds at your event with fresh ingredients and a quick blast of -196°C liquid nitrogen.

Sure to be popular with young and old alike, our liquid nitrogen ice cream service will change the way you think about ice cream. Additive free, preservative free, and emulsifier free, guests can be as traditional or as alternative as they wish with the simple, easy, and fun menu. Simply select a base flavour - either plain, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, and then mix it up with additional flavours and toppings of your choice, creating a completely unique, and more importantly incredibly tasty, ice cream combination all of your own! 

Turning your greatest dessert dreams into reality, our fantastic ice cream kiosk will bring unique entertainment to your event as guests get to choose a whole array of flavour combinations. Manned by professional staff fully trained in handling liquid nitrogen, and experts at making superbly smooth ice cream, this brilliant catering service is ideal for weddings, private parties, festivals, and family days, and will also provide hugely popular edible entertainment for product launches, exhibitions, and more.

Top Tip:
Our mobile ice cream service is completely safe and functional for all events, with the kiosk custom built to be resistant to the freezing temperatures of liquid nitrogen. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more.

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