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Syros Yong

Magician Syros

World Class Magician who has received accolades all around Asia
Talented & quick witted performer with over 500 shows behind him
Has sold out more than 4 full scale magic concerts receiving rave reviews
He is the Singapore record holder in card throwing tricks and magic
Based in Singapore and available to perform at events worldwide

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Syros has been a professional magician for more than 12 years. His shows span across street magic, all the way to stage magic and trade showsHis shows have seen him receive accolades from all around Asia and even the highest from His Excellency, the president of Singapore, himself.

Having also created more than 7 full scale magic concerts throughout Singapore, with four of these completely selling out and receiving rave reviews, Magician Syros delivers shows that are memorable, creative and strong, along with extensive audience involvement.

His record holding Card Throwing Trick features a phenomenal feat of cards thrown in the air and slicing through different objects placed on the stage.

Be it Close Up, Street Magic, Stage Magic, Grand Illusions, Syros always creates a big impression, propelling audiences into an everlasting sweet memory of an event.

Create the Memory. Touch the Lives of People. Expand Horizons. Experience Syros!!

  • Philips
  • Shangri La Hotel
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Bulgari
  • Estee Lauder
  • Tanker Pacific
  • Falcon Princess Cruise
  • And Many More
  • BMW

" That was pure skill and showmanship! Amazingly wonderful performance! Best I have ever seen! "

Ms. Tan, Executive Manager

" Highly entertaining and exceptionally strong stage presence. "

Prof Yow, Associate Dean of Admissions NTU

" Very mesmerising performance. "

Former president of Singapore, S. R Nathan

" Awesome experience! Fast Paced and definitely phenomenal! "

Simon, Marketing Manager


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