Brianna Mae Clements - Hula Hoop Artist

Multi Hoop Performer

Talented hoop artist will provide first rate cirque entertainment
Manipulates multiple hoops in stunning acrobatic hula hoop act
Ideal for festivals, parties, cabarets, corporate functions, & more
Past clients include American Express, MAC, Time Out!, & Saks 5th Avenue
Based in New York and available to perform at events worldwide

Multi Hoop Performer VIDEOS

Multi Hoop Performer PHOTOS

Our wonderful circus performer is sure to delight guests at your event as she provides brilliant ambient entertainment with her multiple hoop act, putting on a mesmerizing acrobatic display full of impressive moves.

Demonstrating awe-inspiring flexibility, grace, and athleticism, our skilled hoop artist manipulates several hoops at once effortlessly, creating a stunning visual spectacle as she spins hoops around her arms, legs, waist, and hands all at the same time in this elegant circus act. Also able to perform with LED hoops, our female hula hooper provides unique circus entertainment in her distinctive style that is guaranteed to impress.

A versatile circus performer, our hoop act will appeal to all audiences, and is ideal for festivals, private parties, club nights and cabarets, as well as providing dynamic corporate entertainment for themed events, cocktail receptions, ceremonies, and more. Book our Multi Hoop performer today!

Top Tip:
Our hoop performer typically performs stage shows of 3-6 minutes long, with ambient performances of 10 minutes in length. She can also perform as part of a hula hooping duo, and with fire hoops. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more, and click here to see her fire act.