Nitrogen Ice Cream Pods

Nitrogen Ice Cream Pods

Our exciting and unique event catering service provides delicious nitrogen ice cream with flavours that can match your brand colour
Ice cream pod is fully customisable food-related entertainment with easy set up that can create 75 ice creams per hour
With the option of a brandable pod, this fun ice cream option is ideal for parties, corporate functions, festivals, exhibitions, & more
The ice cream machine creates a fantastic range of flavours available to tempt guests of all ages
Based in London and available for events all over Europe

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Our brilliant nitrogen ice cream pods are sure to be the highlight of your special occasion as these fantastically unique liquid nitrogen stations produce a myriad of delicious ice creams for guests at your event to enjoy.

Ice cream machines use an advanced nitrogen system that will create instant ice cream right before your eyes, these futuristic machines offer a fascinating event catering option in their self-contained pods, which come complete with colour-changing LED lights for added visual impact. Each batch of ice cream produces around 20 servings, allowing for a range of flavours to be created throughout your event. Popular choices include toffee, mint, coconut, candy floss, raspberry, and even curry!

Exceptional edible entertainment, our nitrogen ice cream pods are ideal for private parties, weddings, festivals, and more, whilst also providing a unique catering service for product launches, exhibitions, conferences, and other corporate events.

Top Tip:
Our wonderful ice cream machines are speedy to set up, can operate anywhere, and can be lit up in the colour of your choice and provide excellent food entertainment. We can also create ice creams in your brand colours in an assortment of flavours, and each pod can cater for up to 100 people. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out more.


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