Pin Up Girl Hula Hoops

Pin-Up Hula Hoop Act Australia

Talented and skilled hula hooper that will turn heads and captivate any size events.
Beautiful pin up girl displays her unique and seductive hoop performance and dance routine.
Striking hula hoop act that can be tailored to fit most themes and styles.
Perfect hula hoop performer for drink receptions, gala dinners, private parties, etc
Book costumed performer for events throughout Australia and worldwide.

Pin-Up Hula Hoop Act Australia VIDEOS

Pin-Up Hula Hoop Act Australia PHOTOS

If you are looking for a hula hoop act or professional hula hooper for your upcoming event or gathering that will surely take the breaths away from your audience, look no further than our beautiful pin up girl hula hooper. Our wonderful costumed performer has been hula hooping professionally for years, and is bound to leave a lasting impression on your guests as they experience our talented hula hoop performer perform an assortment of body bending routines that require our costumed performer to showcase her feats of flexibility, strength, elegance, and passion. A wonderful hula hoop act that will not disappoint. 

A hula hoop act is a fantastic and unique way to provide your guests with engaging entertainment that you can not see just anywhere. Creating memorable and long standing experiences, our skilled hula hooper can tailor her performances to fit most themes and styles, creating custom shows built around your special occasion. Our gorgeous costumed performer will perform her hula hoop act dressed as a sexy and seductive pin up girl that will get your guests on their feet cheering. Featuring a variety of hoops, our hula hoop performer will keep your event fiery and filled with joy.

Our wonderful hula hooper can create a hula hoop act that lasts between 6 minutes to 8 minutes depending on your needs and requirements. Sure to leave your guests with long lasting and unforgettable memories and experiences, our show stopping hula  hoop act will instantly become the highlight of your event or gathering, as guests quickly begin discussing our exotic and dazzling hula hoop performance, an act like none other. The perfect circus like entertainment for private parties, themed occasions, corporate functions, gala dinners, drink receptions, festivals, and much more. 

If you are interested in booking our stunning hula hooper for your upcoming special event, contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to assist you with your booking needs.