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Prague Pole Dancer

A beautiful pole dancer who showcases impressive amounts of strength, agility and flexibility
Telling a story with her body this pole dancer takes audiences on a journey with a strong narrative and incredible skill
Highly experienced pole dancer who has trained at the highest levels
Perfect for corporate events, private parties, exhibitions, PR stunts and grand openings
Based in Prague and available for worldwide bookings

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A beautiful Prague Pole Dancer who not only showcases impressive amounts of strength, agility and flexibility but who tells a story with her body as every routine takes you on a journey with a strong narrative and incredible skill. Perfect for private parties, corporate events, themed entertainment and any occasion that wants incredible entertainment that is astounding to behold. 

Our incredible pole dancer is a hit with all audiences as she displays phenomenal routines that highlight her abilities as not only a performer but as an athlete. Dazzling with her diverse talents this Prague Pole Dancer boats unforgettable event entertainment that can be completely customised to suit all occasions. 

Top Tip:

Our Prague Pole Dancer can adapt her routine to match your event whether it’s tailoring her costumes to complement your colour scheme or theme or creating a completely bespoke routine that has been created solely for your event.

This exceptional event dancer can also perform ambient routines that are performed for shorter periods over the evening creating a great atmosphere at every event as well as performing stage shows that command everyones attention. 

The ultimate event entertainment for any occasion looking to wow their guests with an athletic and stunning performer who creates fascinating narratives that captivate audiences of all ages. 

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To book our Prague Pole Dancer or for more information about event entertainment and event dancers, contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists today.