Olympics LED Stilt Walkers

Olympics LED Stilt Walkers

Beautiful LED Stilt Walkers with colour-changing lights and costumes will amaze your guests.
This stilt act provides an astonishing spectacle for day or night time events.
Stunning walkabout act will bring a magical atmosphere to any event with their colour-changing costumes and music.
Fantastic Olympics themed act to bring a magical Olympic feeling to your event.
Unique stilt act is available worldwide for festivals, parades, parties, product launches and more.

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Our majestic LED stilt walkers are a unique and eye-grabbing LED act designed to bring the spirit of the Olympics. The perfect Olympic themed entertainment option, these graceful, colourful stilt walkers are suitable walkabout performers for any event, festival, parade, or product launch as their radiant multi coloured LED lights give them a magical quality unlike any other stilt act. 

Our beautiful stilt act is perfect for day and night time events. Their stunning costumes are beautiful to behold as they walk amongst your guests during the day, and at night watch as the dozens of LED lights on their stilts and dresses light up to reveal a totally new look. Bring an Olympics themed entertainment to your event as the five LED stilt walkers light up in the five colours of the Olympic rings. This fully customisable LED act can also be tailored to match the colours of your branding or to display a breathtaking cascade of rainbow colours. Each of the walkabout performers can also provide their own music for a truly atmospheric display.

Once your guests have marvelled at the beautifully glowing stilt act as they walk about your event, take things to new heights with a mesmerising show lasting five to seven minutes. The LED lights can even be synced to change colour in time with the music. Up to seven stilt walkers can be hired to create a totally unique centrepiece to your event.  Perfect for celebrating the magic of the Olympics and also ideal for Christmas, Diwali, weddings and any other kind of event where colour and artistry matter. Fully customisable and our LED stilt walkers are a must-have for any Olympics themed party this summer.

Contact the team at Scarlett Entertainment to book this sensational Olympic themed entertainment option for your event. Be sure to look at our other walkabout acts for a great selection of acts to mingle with your guests and spice up your event.

" You were fantastic onsite and really lovely to work with. "

Hazel Burns, q-base Manager, Blendheim Palace

" You were a wow factor!! You’re luminous outfits are amazing!! "

Susanna Dunn, Contraband

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