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Roller Skating Act

Skilful roller skating performers will be the highlight of your event
Roller skating dancers can perform with a wide range of different costumes
Can even be booked to dance & skate around the dance floor with guests!
Perfect for exhibitions & trade shows, corporate events, sporting events & more
Book our roller skating act for events in the UK & abroad

Roller Skating Act VIDEOS

Roller Skating Act PHOTOS

Our fabulous roller skating act will be the highlight of your event!

Highly skilled, our amazing roller skating dancers will skilfully glide across the dance floor weaving in amongst your guests in a fast-paced and visually exciting performance. Able to offer a fully choreographed dance show, they can also be booked as roller skating performers who dance and skate around the dance floor with guests in a roller disco style!

Not just for dance shows, our roller skaters can also meet and greet guests, direct them to their tables and had out drinks. All skilled performers and dancers there is no limit to their capabilities.

A fantastic choice for promotional events, sporting events (indoor and outdoor), corporate functions, exhibitions and trade shows, out eye-catching roller skating act is sure to draw a crowd. Able to performing in costumes suited to a theme of your choice, they offer roller dance with a difference.

Book our roller skating dancers and treat your guests to fun interactive entertainment and a unique experience.