Jago and L-ion - Solo Show

Solo Fire Show Spain

Exciting and enlightening fire dance show performed by a solo fire artist
Solo fire performer tells a story about reconnecting with ourselves through movement
Fire dance performance is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor spaces
Dancing with fire is the ideal form of entertainment for festivals, private parties, street celebrations, etc.
This Solo Fire Show is available for bookings in Ibiza, Spain and all over the world

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If you’re interested in booking a dancing with fire act that tells a story through movement and incredible effects, then this Solo Fire Show is the entertainment option for you. This captivating fire dance performance is a display of stunning effects and breathtaking tricks.

This mesmerising fire dance show tells this solo fire performer’s inner journey where he explores his deepest feeling, fears and thoughts. A story about breaking old patterns and reconnecting with our true self, this act shows how a man rises from his own ashes. An immersive fire dance performance that brings light to the dark, this show can also be carried out during the day.

A spectacular mixture of dance, acrobatics and fire, this fire dance show is a visually stunning spectacle worth witnessing. Our highly skilled solo fire performer uses a variety of props to create amazing elements. This exciting and enlightening performance will capture the attention of all viewers and will astound audiences of all ages!

Dancing with fire is one of the most in-demand forms of entertainment for a variety of occasions including beach parties, private events, exhibitions, street celebrations, festivals, etc. This fire dance show in particular is especially spectacular when performed under full darkness, although it’s adaptable to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Top Tip:

Our multitalented solo fire performer also offer shows with other artists. Check his Mystic Fire Show, Fire Dance Duo and Synchronised Fire Duo pages and find out more about these options.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a broad variety of dancing with fire acts for events and occasions in Ibiza and all over the world.

To book this Solo Fire Show, contact our in-house team of Entertainment Coordinators today and make an enquiry. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this fire dance show and guide you through the booking process.