Weare Fire Storm - Water Bubble Contortionist

Sphere Performers Dubai

Sensational sphere act that will captivate guests with ease.
Guests will love our amazing and sensational event dancers.
Exceptional water sphere performance that can be performed on water or land.
Perfect aqua sphere act for parties, festivals, themed events, and a lot more.
Book contortionist available for events across Dubai and worldwide.

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Our amazing and delightful event dancers and active contortionist will perform a variety of routines with an inspiring aqua sphere live performance that is bound to leave your guests with long lasting impressions. Our elegant and sophisticated water sphere performers will create a fun filled atmosphere using water routines and street performances to create exciting and alluring experiences for families to enjoy. Enchanting and filled with visual elements, our sphere act is a phenomenal option for any special event or social gathering that will translate into a resounding "wow" factor.

Delivering glitz and glamour qualities, our exceptional sphere act can be performed by an assortment of different performers including LED performers that will lighten up your special occasion, event dancers that will perform a variety of dance routines that will delight, and a fun and mesmerising contortionist that will capture attention with body bending techniques. Utilising the intricate use of water sphere and aqua sphere techniques to dazzle guests of any ages, our phenomenal sphere act will instantly become the highlight of your special gathering.

Our epic sphere performers boast themselves as intricate earth and water lovers, highlighting the mystical movements of our performers and mixing them with fantastic colours and light. Our amazing event dancers and contortionists are available for booking for a variety of all sized events that will surely make your special event a sensational and visually appealing spectacle. Our lucrative sphere act is the perfect entertainment experience option for private parties, corporate functions, themed occasions, gala dinners, street performances, drink receptions, and more.    

Get in Contact any of our outstanding Scarlett Entertainment event experts if you are interested in booking our aqua sphere performers for your upcoming special event, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our team can provide entertainment options for events worldwide so get in touch today to find out more!