Vidura - Street Dancer and Entertainer

Street Dancer & Entertainer

Body popping dancer is guaranteed to keep guests at your party entertained and engaged
Dancer interacts with audiences and teaches them some basic moves
Can customise performances, create bespoke choreographies and wear branded clothing
Ideal entertainment for hip hop dance events, festivals, product launches, promotional events, etc.
This Street Dancer and Entertainer is based in London and available for performances worldwide

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Hire street dancers and ensure your upcoming product or brand launch, corporate event or special occasion is a success. By booking this Street Dancer and Entertainer you can be sure your guests will be kept entertained and engaged throughout the event.

A specialist in popping, this performer trained with one of the most famous dance / popping crews in the UK. Our body popping dancer has participated in various music videos and also in ‘Nations Best Dance Act’, a dance competition where he reached the semifinals.

Our body popping dancer feels comfortable performing for both small and large audiences. He’s regularly booked as a solo dancer, but he is always eager to share the stage with other performers and artists and adapt his performances to bigger theatre productions or variety shows and wear branded clothing with advertising purposes.

This versatile artist enjoys interacting with spectators in a number of ways. During his performance, he constantly encourages participation. After his performances, he is happy to teach some basic popping moves to anyone interested in learning. He can also invite members of the audiences to participate by challenging them: this way, they will experience how being involved in a street dance battle feels like.Especially suitable for hip hop dance events, promotional events, product and brand launches, festivals and street celebrations, this Street Dancer and Entertainer is guaranteed to be an instant hit at your party. He has plenty of experience performing at private parties and weddings, to name a few.

Top Tip:

This dancer is also available for bookings as a Mental Health Speaker. He can inspire listeners with his story and tell them how street dance helped him overcame his mental health struggles.

Scarlett Entertainment can offer a variety of Dancers For Events and occasions in London, the UK and all over the world.

Hire street dancers for hip hop dance events and other celebrations by contacting our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists. They will gladly answer all the questions you may have about this sensational Street Dancer and Entertainer and assist you in the booking process.