Swiss Comedy Act

A unique blend of dance, acrobatics and non-verbal comedy
The trio combines creativity and charm with explosive fun
Precise, fast and incredibly funny performances
Four time winners of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival
Based in Switzerland and available to perform at a events worldwide

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Swiss Comedy Act is on the nose, fast and fantastically funny. The three comedians play with a unique blend of dance, acrobatics and nonverbal comedy, to create a show of explosive fun!

The three inventors of what they call 'Rhythmic Comedy' cast a spell over viewers from all over the world. From New York to Tokyo they've been bedazzling audiences all over with a completely unique and endearing performance.

With guest performances in over thirty countries, more than twenty TV shows and having won bags of prizes, the success of this Swiss comedy trio speaks volumes. The fourfold-awarded participation at the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival represents just one of the highlights of their work.

They are a fantastic, light-hearted crowd pleaser for corporate and private events alike.