Four Seasons of Buenos AIres

Tango Ballet Dance Company

Our tango ballet dance company boasts an exciting blend of tango and ballet in one thrilling show
Combining the elegance of classical ballet with the raw emotion of Argentine Tango
45 minute stage show
Packed with routines in trios, duos and solos
Based in Laval Canada and available for worldwide bookings

Tango Ballet Dance Company VIDEOS

Tango Ballet Dance Company PHOTOS

An explosive stage show that combines the elegance of ballet with the heat and passion of Argentine tango, our tango ballet dance company offer a stunning performance that is mesmerising to watch. Packed with routines in trios, duos and solos this 45 minute show will have you on the edge of your seat for it’s entire running time. 

Stretching time between a moody quietude and furious rhythm, the show is inspired by Piazzolla and the themes of the city, desire and connection. With dancers in both heels and pointe shows, the fusion between these two beautiful art forms is truly spectacular. 

Revealing intricate footwork, daring lifts and soft lyricism, our wonderful dancers capture their audiences and create a treat for all the senses as they combine fiery passion with soft ballet motifs. 

In the second half of the show our dance company showcases duets in order to allow the audience to experience the complexity and beauty of two people moving together as one. In between the dances audiences get to know the dancers with a video interview and see the unique artistry of the company.

Taking you on a journey through the evolution of the tango with a groovy hypnotic version that is danced on pointe, these dancers are absolutely beautiful to witness and will provide an experience like no other. A must see experience that brings audiences of all ages together showcases the humanity of dance and the depth of Argentine music.

To book our Tango and Ballet Dance Company or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.