Duo Polonsky - Handbalance

Twin Hand Balancing Duo

A twin hand balancing duo who move in perfect synchrony display remarkable feats of strength, balance and fluidity
Moving as one these two circus performers mirror each other perfectly
With exciting and vibrant costumes this acrobat duo can customise their performance to suit your event
With an extensive roster of previous clients these acrobats have travelled all over the world
Based in Ukraine and available for worldwide bookings

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A phenomenal twin hand balancing duo that showcase some of the most impressive displays of strength, balance and grace – these two acrobats are guaranteed to astound audiences of all ages.  Our highly trained circus performers offer a variety of different performances from an acrobatic act to hand balancing and light painting performance.

With precision and elegance this twin hand balancing duo fuse acrobatic dance with hand balancing to create a dynamic and visually stunning performance. In addition to showcasing remarkable displays of talent and strict training, our acrobat duo tailor their performance to suit your occasion whether you desire a stripped back performance that focuses on the nature of the performance itself or a spectacle that captures the attention of everyone in the room with glowing UV costumes and alien suits. 

Having travelled all over the world performing their exciting routines our acrobats have worked in the State Circus Company of Ukraine as well as the Imperial Russian Circus and have performed in Las Feux De La Rampe Festival, The New Houdini Show and many more high end events.

Top Tip!

Our highly trained acrobats can create customised performances to suit your event whether it be tailoring their costumes to complement your colour scheme or creating a showcase that is specific to your requests and specifications.

With stunning costumes that glow in the dark and brighten every event this dynamic duo are guaranteed to impress audiences of all ages and create a mesmerising display right before your very eyes.

To book this brilliant acro hand balancing duo or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today!