Showstoppers - LED Wings

UK LED Wing Dancers

Beautiful and extremely graceful LED Butterfly Dancers to illuminate your event
Astonishing LED butterfly wings are mesmerising to watch
Perfect for product launches or opening ceremonies as well as after dinner entertainment
Dancers are able to tailor costumes and colours for the event
Based in the UK and available for events all over the world

UK LED Wing Dancers VIDEOS

UK LED Wing Dancers PHOTOS

Our totally beautiful and incredibly graceful UK LED Wing Dancers will stun your guests with a magical illuminated experience and visually captivating dance routines that will have them in awe. The superbly striking LED butterfly wings create a highly visual act that is perfect for short attention-grabbing performances at a wide variety of events. 

These very elegant LED Wing Dancers are a thing of true beauty. The group of female dancers have a variety of stunning, customisbale costumes that are perfectly completed by the incredible LED butterfly wings. The female dancers will choreograph graceful dance routines with beautiful body movements that make the best use of the LED butterfly wings. 

Suitable for either stage or floor performances, our UK LED Wing Dancers create a wonderful ambience and they are guaranteed to capture guests' attention. The illuminated LED butterfly wings are mesmerising to watch and bring attention to the performance area. The LED dancers can perform a stage show, alongside musicians or roam between guests and stand out best in dark conditions.  

Based in the UK, These beautifully illuminated female dancers are available for shows all over the world. They can bring a touch of glam and sparkle to all event types. The LED dancers are perfect for product launches or opening ceremonies, after dinner entertainment and more.

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