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Video Mapping Italy

Video mapping Italy showcases that any object and any building can become a canvas for something much bigger
Animating architecture with projected lights using 3D video mapping techniques you’ll be amazed by what can unfold before your eyes
Guaranteed to spark interest, this video mapping service is fantastic for corporate events, grand openings, PR stunts and more
In addition to building mapping our experts can make famous artworks come alive
Based in Macerata Italy and available for worldwide bookings

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Creating an immersive environment that literally jumps off of the page, this video mapping Italy service transforms any object or building into a canvas for something truly spectacular. With the only limit to what they can create being your imagination, watch as popular and historic buildings are made into evolving special effects, patterns and graphic design. 

Selected by the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow as the third place winners, our video mapping designers and experts have created bespoke animations and video mapping displays for hundreds of top end clients. 

Guaranteed to spark the attention of everyone at your event and in the street, these magnificent video mapping and building mapping displays offer a fantastic opportunity to host a PR stunt that will draw attention to your brand instantly. 

With an extensive roster of previous clients our video projection mapping experts work with you to create something that exceeds your expectations and that provides event entertainment that will send everyone in a trance. 

In addition to working on special effects and projections for buildings our fantastic team of specialists can bring artwork to life. Transforming Van Gogh’s works into a moving masterpiece these brilliant designers can create completely bespoke video mapping projections to suit your occasion perfectly, whether you are launching a product, revealing your brand, hosting a corporate event or staging a huge PR stunt. 

Top Tip:
Our specialists have worked with clients all over the world and are hugely respected for the innovative work they can produce.

To book our video mapping Italy or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.


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