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Virtual Crimebuster Escape Room

It's a race against time to decipher clues, crack the code and complete the mission!
Fun, competitive and an excellent way to encourage teamwork, this virtual experience will have guests thinking they're part of MI5 
Featuring a live event host to set the scene virtual guests will become completely immersed in this online challenge 
Compete against other remote colleagues to see who can solve all the puzzles first!
Fantastic for virtual team building, networking or interactive online parties!

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1. How does this online escape room work?

This is a completely interactive experience that takes place over zoom (although other video conferencing platforms will be considered). Once logged on guests are greeted by a live event host who sets the mission and gets everyone laughing, engaging and having fun. Guests are then split into teams of 5 and race against other teams to solve all the puzzles and challenges first. At the end of the game, all online guests are brought back into a virtual room together to hear the results. Highly engaging this is a fantastic activity for encouraging teamwork and healthy competition in a fun and exciting way.

2. How long is this experience?

The recommended playing time for this virtual game is 90 minutes, however, this can be adapted to 60 minutes if that better suits your event schedule

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