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Acid Jazz Band

Incredible 8-piece jazz band will wow guests with innovative performances
Can perform in a diverse range of styles with the accompaniment of a jazz orchestra
Comprised of talented jazz musicians & headed by a female jazz vocalist
Perfect for corporate events, weddings, private parties & jazz clubs
Book our jazz band for events in Hong Kong, China & worldwide

Acid Jazz Band VIDEOS

Acid Jazz Band PHOTOS

If you’re struggling to find jazz bands that stand out from the crowd you’ve come to the right place. Our amazing acid jazz band and jazz orchestra is comprised of some of the most innovate jazz musicians in Hong Kong and led by an extraordinary female jazz vocalist.

There is nothing ordinary about this incredible jazz band. Performing as an 8-piece jazz band as standard they offer exciting performances that feature large instrumentation and a diverse range of styles. Renowned as being Hong Kong’s largest original jazz band they can expand their live performances to include an amazing jazz orchestra comprised of classically trained musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra. Together they perform soul-stirring renditions of classic jazz songs, modern pop songs, cinematic favourites and R&B hits - just watch their cover of Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ and you will begin to understand the true depth of talent that his jazz band and its’ jazz musicians possess.

Known as their ability to bring acid jazz and symphonic rock to the masses with electric live performances that boast impressive artistic innovation, this is one of the most exciting jazz bands you will ever have the pleasure of witnessing perform live. Our jazz musicians have also released a critically acclaimed album mixed by one of Hollywood’s top engineers.

Offering creative arrangements of popular songs our jazz band, jazz vocalist and jazz orchestra are the perfect choice for corporate functions, gala dinners, wedding receptions, awards ceremonies, private parties, high end jazz clubs and much more. Sit back and relax whilst they provide the perfect soundtrack for your event.

Our jazz band can tailor their line-up for all kinds and sizes of events, and can also create custom set lists to suit specific musical tastes and audience demographics! Get in contact with our entertainment coordinators to discuss all the options available or our jazz band and book an entertainment option that bass been completely tailor to suit your entertainment needs.