Acro-Balance Act Vegas

Sensual acrobatic show will heat things up at your event with 1940s themed act
Incredible circus entertainment full of breathtaking moments and impressive feats of strength
Fascinating balance act is sure to make your special event unforgettable
Ideal for festivals, themed occasions, gala dinners, ceremonies, cruises, etc.
Acrobats available to hire for events in Las Vegas and across the US

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Certain to get your guests hot under the collar, our brilliant 1940s themed act will leave a lasting impression on audiences at your special occasion! An incredible acrobatic show, this unique production offers unforgettable circus entertainment as our talented duo of acrobats showcase their breathtaking balance act in a sultry and sensual performance.

Highly provocative, this fantastic and original piece is guaranteed to captivate from beginning to end as our professional acrobatic dancers demonstrate beautiful interdependence with a stunning balance act featuring astonishing strength, flexibility, and trust between the duo. A dynamic performance, the acrobatic show follows the entertaining relationship between a jealous mobster and his lover, with the 1940s themed act documenting their tumultuous and amusing love affair. A story of power versus love, this spellbinding acrobalance routine shows the struggle of both unique characters as they fight to stay in control of their feelings, with each trying desperately not to succumb to the other.

Merging circus skills with dance choreography, this brilliant piece has a highly effective theatrical approach, resulting in an creative and evocative live show that is sure to have mass appeal. Blending awe-inspiring abilities with fluid movements and emotive storytelling, our professional acrobats provide one of a kind circus entertainment that will delight and inspire, with the 1940s gangster style setting perfectly complementing the sensuous nature of the balance act.

Performed to the thoroughly suited track ‘I Put A Spell On You’, this red hot acrobatic show will amaze your guests with unbelievable lifts, holds, balances, and plenty more manoeuvres besides. Ideal for gala dinners, themed events, private parties, festivals, cabarets, cruises, ceremonies, and more, our 1940s themed act is available to book for events in Las Vegas and throughout the US. 

Just one of the many themed acts and circus shows that we can offer, at Scarlett Entertainment we specialise in providing exceptional entertainment to events around the world. For more information on what we can provide you for your special occasion, contact our co-ordinators today.


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