Acrobatic Clown Gang

Acrobatic Clown Gang

Phenomenal acrobatic show by elegant yet sinister looking clowns
Family friendly circus entertainment guaranteed to captivate the audience
Acrobatic troupe wow the audience with incredible acrobalance skills
Dazzling act for corporate events, cruise ships, family shows, gala diners, parties and celebrations
Based in Russia and available internationally

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Make an immediate impact at your event with this incredible, visually captivating acrobat show. The acrobatic troupe have devised a family friendly circus entertainment show that will amaze your guests and leave a long lasting impression.

The striking visual appearance of the acrobatic troupe makes them a totally unique attraction that viewers will have mixed emotions about. Their semi-sinister stage look will bring a mixture of shock and fear to some but the elegant brightly coloured body suits make for unusual and unique circus entertainment.

Having engrossed the viewer with their appearance, the acrobatic troupe deliver and exhilarating and hugely talent act that will blow them away. The immaculately choreographed routine relies heavily on amazing acrobalance skills. The whole thing is backed by an incredible, engaging soundtrack that mixes authentic circus music, traditional Russian music all with modern twist. It sounds just like it has been lifted from film.

Their acroblance performance originates from a traditional circus entertainment act called Banquine. The routine involves two or more bases and at least one flyer. In the case of our acrobatic troupe we have 5 male bases and one female flyer. The bases form a platform with their arms and hands interlocked which the flyer uses as a take-off position for somersaults and other aerial tricks.

The group of acrobats are all high level athletes, masters of sports at an international class and former Cirque du Soleil performers. They took part in the 2014 Olympics opening ceremony in Russia and worked in the Circus AllArtCircus in China. 

This kind of family friendly circus entertainment would make a great addition to corporate events, cruise ships, family shows, gala diners, parties and celebrations as well as circus themed events.

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