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Moxie Mischief Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts

Breathtaking performances by professional, premier aerial artists
Grab audiences’ attention at any event with this captivating Aerial Act
Offer a variety of apparatus to cater for any mood or entertainment
Spin, dance, twirl, hang and present striking poses high in the air
Based in Dallas, USA and available to perform at events worldwide

Aerial Arts VIDEOS

Aerial Arts PHOTOS

Looking to grab your audience’s attention? They will become captivated watching the elegant and dynamic movements of Aerial Arts performance group!

The group are a professional aerial performance company, offering a variety of apparatuses, which allows them to cater the mood of any event, each apparatus can be performed with either solo or group acts.

Acts Include:

Aerial Fabric - leaving audiences speechless as artists perform stunning flips, drops and contortions

Aerial Cube - Beautiful cube artists spin, dance, twirl, hang and present striking poses high in the air

Aerial Hammock - An Aerial Silk looped in half where perfumer contorts, flips and poses

Lyra Hoops - Aerialists contort, spin and performing intricate dance routines using symmetry and interaction

Aerial Bartending - Graceful performers pour flutes of champagne for your guests for a fun and unexpected toast!

Aerial Spiral - A brand new apparatus, wind chime esque spring, spins and twirls to mesmerise audiences

Having aerial performances at any event provides emotional excitement and visual aesthetics and as the viewers witness gravity defining splendor.