Bianca Preche - Cube Act

Aerial Cube Act

A visually captivating & poetic aerial performance
Dramatic staging & dynamic choreography will impress guests
Show can be performed solo or with additional aerialists
Perfect for awards ceremonies, corporate events & product launches
Based in Berlin & available to perform at events worldwide

Aerial Cube Act VIDEOS

Aerial Cube Act PHOTOS

Bianca is a professional circus artist and performer with a passion for creative performance.

Her stunning aerial cube act features dramatic staging and dynamic choreography coupled with impressive lighting and audio, which creates a visually captivating aerial performance. Infused with poetic elements, her show is emotive and inspiring and will enchant audiences of all ages.

Watch in amazement as she expertly navigates a large metal framed cube. Suspended in the air she performs an elegant aerial dance will grace and unrivalled agility.

Perfect for awards ceremonies, gala dinners product launches and high-end events, Bianca can perform solo or with additional aerialist. In all its formations, her show tells a moving story through expressive body language and elegant acrobatic moves.

An impressive form of aerial entertainment that is sure to leave a lasting impression.