Tanya Bogino - Aerial Drop

Aerial Drop Acrobatic Performer

Talented female aerialist will wow audiences at your event
Performs stunning routines on the aerial silks & unique aerial drop act
Incredible choreography, acrobatic skill, strength, & flexibility
Ideal for corporate functions, parties, gala dinners, ceremonies & more
Based in Italy and available to perform at events worldwide

Aerial Drop Acrobatic Performer VIDEOS

Aerial Drop Acrobatic Performer PHOTOS

Our hugely talented female aerialist is bound to be the highlight of your special occasion as she performs her incredible routines high above the audience’s heads, bringing first class circus entertainment to your event.

Performing with grace and elegance, our circus aerial act offers a truly captivating aerial ‘silks’ show that demonstrates her impressive flexibility, strength and precision with beautiful routines and creative choreography that is certain to inspire and delight all who witness it. This versatile circus artist is also able to bring her one of a kind aerial hoop act to your event, performing visually spectacular routines whilst suspended from a uniquely tear drop shaped aerial hoop for an unforgettable experience.

An accomplished entertainer, our fantastic aerial act will perform her world class acts with passion and professionalism, and is guaranteed to make your event stand out. Ideal for parties, gala dinners, corporate functions, ceremonies, product launches and more, enquire today about bringing our wonderful aerial acrobat to your event.