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Aerial Hoop Performers

Dazzling aerial hoop artist performs sensational aerial acrobatics
Exciting and elegant cirque aerialist will captivate guests both young and old
Breath taking aerial circus entertainment brings a fun wow factor
Hire aerialist ideal for private parties, corporate events, and many more
Book aerial performer for a fun environment available for booking across the UK

Aerial Hoop Performers PHOTOS

Book our dazzling aerialist who will captivate guests of all ages for your special occasion. Our wonderment bringing and lovely aerial hoop artist will create an instant wow factor as guests look up and watch our aerial performer perform an amazing display of aerial acrobatics that include twisting their bodies numerous way around the levitating hoop. Our cirque aerialist will amaze your guests with their breath taking aerial visuals and elegant body twisting. Our sensational aerialist will provide your event with a one of a kind aerial circus entertainment performance that's sure to leave lasting impressions as guests marvel at our performer's complex and unique aerial moves.

Our aerial hoop artist is always hard at work perfecting her art form, to ensure guests are always enjoying the performance. Our aerial performer will keep guests interacting with each other, keeping the conversation levels at the max as the dramatic and intense performance begins. Providing a bang for your event, our cirque aerialist performers are able to tailor their aerial acrobatic show to fit any theme or style, including circus theme, Great Gatsby theme, Parisian theme, and that's just naming a few of the options you can choose when you book our high flying aerial circus entertainment option for your special event.

Our eccentric aerial performers can be worked as a two hoop act next to each other, or as two performers on one hoop and can include a heart shaped hoop. A fun circus like environment will fall upon your event as guests create unforgettable memories with our aerial performers. The ideal entertainment option for private parties, corporate events, festivals, and much more.

If you're interested in booking our phenomenal aerial hoop performers for your upcoming special event or gathering, contact our entertainment experts today to ensure you lock in our aerialist performers for your special occasion.

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