Shyamtara - Trapeze Act

Aerial Trapeze Act

Talented aerialist who guarantees to add extra pizazz to any special event
She demonstrates immense strength, stamina and flexibility
Will imbue any event with a sense of high-class grace and beauty
Particularly recommended for impressing guests at opening/closing events
Based in Las Vegas and available to perform at events worldwide

Aerial Trapeze Act VIDEOS

Flying through the air with incredible grace, our talented trapeze artist will add extra pizazz to any special event with a sense of grace and inspirational beauty.

Inspiring guests and audiences of all ages, she performs dynamic acrobatics by mixing dizzying speeds and graceful movements high in the air whilst demonstrating immense strength, stamina and flexibility.

Filled with class, this trapeze act is particularly recommended for opening/closing events, corporate events, black tie balls, drinks receptions and garden parties who are looking to seriously impress guests.

Contact us today to find out how Aerial Trapeze can successfully take your event to amazing new heights!