Graham Maxwell

Amazing Interactive Bubble Show

A professional ‘bubbleologist’, our bubble magician provides personalised shows for any occasion
Our bubble performer produces unique entertainment featuring smoke bubbles, square bubbles, bubble art, fire bubbles and more
Appropriate for all ages, this act makes a fun family show but is also loved by adults
Requiring little space, our bubble magician can perform anywhere, providing full shows or wandering children’s entertainment
Book Amazing Interactive Bubble Show for events in London and worldwide

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Scarlett Entertainment UK is an award winning entertainment agency, proud to represent a huge roster of fun acts, available to wow audiences in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Whether you are looking for lively children’s entertainment or a wow factor show for grown up audiences, our Amazing Interactive Bubble Show is packed with eye-popping tricks to blow audience''s minds. A true showman, our bubble magician is guaranteed to charm guests at family shows, festivals, corporate events and more. Book our bubble performer to bring light and laughter to your event.

A fun interactive entertainment option for any occasion, our talented bubble magician not only demonstrates tricks you would never have believed possible with just soapy water, he also gives audiences the opportunity to get their hands wet and have a go themselves. Explaining the science behind creating the perfect bubble, our bubble performer is actually a chemist and can teach audiences all about the art of bubble magic.

Bubble show options:

  • Square bubbles
  • Fire bubbles
  • Bubble tennis
  • Bubble volcanoes
  • Giant bubbles
  • Bubble art painting
  • Make your own bubbles

and much much more

Performing family shows of up to two hours, our magician will invite audience members to join him on stage to demonstrate many of his incredible bubble tricks. Also able to provide a fun walkabout entertainment act, our talented scientist offers workshops for school educational events, birthday parties and festivals. Incorporating school syllabus criteria into his explanations or simply creating a sense of wonderment with his lively children's entertainment, the options are truly endless! 

Able to customise his shows to suit any audience or event type, our fantastic bubbleologist loves creating an atmosphere of awe as he explores the wonderful properties of his beautiful medium.

For more information about booking Amazing Interactive Bubble Show for your event, please speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment UK today.

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