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Baker Living Statue

Brilliant street performer will delight and inspire your guests.
Professional street act provides an alluring baker human statue.
Kids and adults will love our stunning and exceptional living statue.
Perfect vintage statue display for parties, gala dinners, festivals, themed events, and more.
Book a fun themed statue available across the UK and events worldwide.

Baker Living Statue PHOTOS

Bring an awe inspiring vintage street act entertainment experience to your upcoming event or social gathering featuring our outstanding living statue street performer who will have your guests smiling, laughing, and watching with wide eyes as our slow paced painted and costumed performers roam throughout your venue. Creating sensational moments everywhere they happen to show up, our wonderful vintage statue performance will enhance your event experience leaving guests with a handful of unique memories. Perfect themed statue performers for a summer themed engagement, offering a variety of photo opportunities, our roaming living statue baker will perform in wonderfully painted costumes that will captivate instantly. 

Full of grace and elegance, our fantastic living statue street performer is a high quality street act experience, and will keep your guests engaged in conversation, filling your special occasion with a wonderful atmospheric quality. A sensational vintage statue performance, our human statue baker can greet guests as they enter your event, or can roam the floors in slow movements creating striking visuals with her beautifully crafted baker costume and props that will turn heads the moment your guests see her. Striking interactive and engaging entertainment, our wonderful human statue offers unique entertainment as our themed statue brings fun and joy to your event. 

Creating unique and dazzling bespoke living statue entertainment, our themed statue performer will delight guests both young and old, mixing and mingling, providing your event with a spectacular wow factor element that will help your event stand above the rest in terms of quality and fun. A visually appealing spectacle, our talented street performer is bound to make a big impression at your upcoming event. The perfect street performance entertainment option for private parties, family days, festivals, themed occasions, gala dinners, drink receptions, street shows, and more. 

If you're interested in booking our marvellous and glorifying living statue street performer for your upcoming special event, contact any of our helpful Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be certain to assist you with your booking needs, and answer any question you might have.


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