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Belly Dancer Vienna

Belly dancer Vienna brings Middle Eastern entertainment to your event no matter where you are
A sensual Arabian dancer who provides exciting routines that are mesmerising to watch
With a range of costumes available our belly dancer can tailor her performance to complement your event
Golden wings also available for a spectacular performance
Based in Vienna and available for worldwide bookings

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Belly dancer Vienna boasts a sensual performance that brings Middle Eastern entertainment everywhere she goes. With mesmerising routines, this Arabian dancer provides a sultry performance that you cannot take your eyes off of. 

A form of entertainment that originated as a private dance in the Kingdom of Egypt, this dance was later used to entertain aristocracy. A dance whose essence was of a fertility ritual, the dancer is believed to serve as a channel for divine energy.

Having found her passion for belly dancing at a young age our belly dancer started to train in Vienna and abroad, including training with world renowned Hossam Ramzy and Serena Ramzy where she achieved professional status for Egyptian solo belly dance. As an experienced belly dancer who connects with audiences on a spiritual level this performer provides atmospheric routines that are a delight to watch and relaxing to be around. 

With a range of props and costumes available this belly dancer can tailor each performance to suit your event perfectly, from the colour scheme to performing stage shows, short ambient sets and more our belly dancer is the ultimate performer to provide Middle Eastern entertainment. 

Using props such as giant gold wings this entertainer is stunning to behold and creates another dynamic at every occasion.

Top Tip:
Our belly dancer brings elements of ancient history and fuses them with present day to provide an exciting and delightful performance that is a hit with all audiences. 

To book our belly dancer Vienna or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.


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