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Zaffa Performers Greece

Incredible drumming group will "wow" guests at your event
Drum show featuring a fun variety of covers and unique drumming versions from multiple genres
Drummers perform with passion and professionalism for all size events
Ideal zaffa act for weddings, or drums for private parties, gala dinners, corporate events, receptions, etc
Book drum act for special events across Greece and worldwide

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A remarkable live drum show comprised of our very skilled drumming group and drummers, a talented drum act that knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for your upcoming special event. Our outstanding drummers will surely "wow" your guests as they are consumed by the beautiful beats and rhythms created by our phenomenal drumming act, who will perform her their repertoire that includes unique cover renditions of popular songs and other arrangements, from a variety of genres. Our exceptional drum entertainers are bound to have mass appeal at your upcoming occasion.

Ensuring your guests are filled with high energy and are engaged throughout their live drum show, our professional drummers will keep your audiences' heads turned from start to finish. Performing a wonderful set that will heat up any active special engagement and take your event to the top. A professional ensemble of drummers, our exceptionally trained drumming group are insanely talented performers. A seasoned drum act with years of performing experience, our drumming act is the real deal and will demonstrate their unique playing with an undeniable passion and love for the art of drumming.

A high energy live drum show that can be tailored to suit your special event's themes or style guidelines, our versatile drumming group is dynamic and accomplished and will keep your guests entertained while drumming around in a flurry of black and white. Supplying your special occasion with rich and distinctive sounds of angst, our dazzling and professional drummers will create the ultimate soundtrack that compliments your event and atmosphere. A sensational live drum show that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and experiences, the perfect live music entertainment experience for private parties, receptions, gala dinners, festivals, corporate functions, and more.

Top Tip:

These performers are a perfect choice for zaffa performances. Descending from Arab cultures, the zaffa is a type of wedding march and musical procession usually used as a type of announcement that a wedding has begun. 

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