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Brisbane Percussionists

Versatile and very exciting percussionists with a range of exciting skills
Vibrant stage based drumming show or roving percussion available
Able to provide an visually captivating paint drumming show
Previous events include Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, AC&E Awards and NRL Final Series
Available for events throughout Australia and internationally

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Our Brisbane Percussionists are a collective of four talented Australian musicians with a passion for all things rhythmical. Together, the percussion group is fully dedicated to delivering high impact and visually entertaining percussion music with a range of instruments and visual effects. 

Offering clients a range of drumming show options, the Brisbane Percussionists have a standard percussion performance, an incredible paint drumming act, performances with recycled instruments like buckets and they can even deliver a show using claps and body percussion. Usually stage-based the percussive group can also offer roving options creating an immersive experience for the guests and an opportunity to provide the live music across multiple areas at your event. 

The Brisbane-based percussionists require very little in terms of set-up and can perform in pretty much any location. Their visually exciting paint drumming show requires the stage to be dark for the splashes of light to really stand out. 

Clients looking for a drumming show will be delighted to know that the Brisbane Percussionists are highly experienced with corporate clients, high-end functions and festivals all over the world. Some previous events include the ICC Cricket World Cup, NRL Semifinals, Toowoomba Food Wine and Flower Festival, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and AC&E Awards. 

Top Tip:
Find out more about the paint drumming show on this alternative artist profile

If you are interested in finding out more about the versatile percussion group our dedicated team of Entertainment Specialists are more than happy to help. They can assist you every step of the way when you book the Brisbane Percussionists for your event.

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