Chase Emery Davis

British Baritone Jazz Singer

Classically trained baritone crossover male vocalist that sings in 10 languages with a seamless three octave range
Offers his unique interpretation of the Great American Standards, iconic jazz classics as well as French, Latin and other genres
Has over 10 years experience in musical theatre, acting and with solo acoustic performances
Performs lusciously stripped-back covers with an acoustic guitarist or pianist or high quality backing tracks
Perfect for suave corporate functions, elite dinner parties, luxury weddings, private celebrations and more

British Baritone Jazz Singer VIDEOS

British Baritone Jazz Singer PHOTOS

  • DJ Andreas V.
  • Eurostar for Babble Voices
  • Northern Hop Music
  • S.N.C.F for Audiophase
  • Visiaudio
  • Church Minister David Newquist
  • Editions Hattier
  • Nesquik for Tour 78
  • Quantic Dreams
  • Sonepar for Agence Madame Monsieur
  • Cypher TM